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Newtown Bakery through our Flavour Fresh brand is on a mission to make you smile with a bite into nostalgic comfort. Bringing the everyday man's pocket to life with bright products that fill tummies.

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90% positive feedback
The best service and best tasting bun By TamaraJ Apr 10, 2020
Rating Pricing 4 Value 4 Quality 4

Big thanks to @jamgora and flavor flesh for my Easter bun delivery. Especially to flavor fresh that embodied the spirit of the season. I ordered a 42oz bun which I later found out was out of stock and I received a 44oz with no additional cost. It is heart-warming to know that there is still kindness being shown during this difficult time. Big up JamGora and Flavor fresh!

Excellent quality By Pavel Byles Apr 07, 2020
Rating Pricing 5 Value 5 Quality 5

Ever since being introduced to the bun from FlavourFresh I have consistently re-ordered it. There was a delay in delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was made up for my supplementing my order, otherwise I've also had a very good customer experience.