Pump-N-Spray (5Litre)

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Attach it to your 5 Litre bottle. Squeeze the pump and watch it spray through the showerhead. [Watch Demo]

This award winning device allows you to take a shower and other water related tasks using a 5 Litre water bottle as the source. This is accomplished with a specially fitted bottle cap, two hose attachments: one with a showerhead and the other with a foot pump. The product works by attaching the product (via the cap provided) to a 5 litre bottle containing water. Then you step on the pump repeatedly until water sprays from the shower head. [Watch Demonstration]

  • -Take a shower whenever you want.
  • -Conserve more water.
  • -Recycle your plastic water bottles.
  • -Control how water is used.
  • -Wash hands without touching a faucet
  1. -Remove cap from full water bottle.
  2. -Attach device by tightening the cap provided to the bottle.
  3. -Press on the plastic foot pump.
  4. -Guide the water to where you want it using the showerhead.
  5. -Turn off the showerhead when not in use.
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Brand AquaFlow
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