www.jamgora.com has become increasingly competitive for sales as sellers-base continually grows. It can become challenging to make sure that your items are found and bought by shoppers, especially through an online platform. As a merchant on our online platform, JamGOra is committed to helping you bridge the gap between you and your customers.

We want to help you reduce the day to day hassle involved in dealing with the fast-growing consumer market and help you remain visible on www.jamGOra.com. However, the process is two-fold you have to also do your part to ensure your sales online.

Here are the top six (6) selling tips to increase your sales with JamGOra.

Top 6 JamGOra Selling Tips

Leverage Product Reviews to Your Advantage

Product reviews can go either way for sellers. Great reviews can attract more buyers. Bad reviews can quickly lead to a decrease in trust and sales.

But, that’s also the exact reason why customers often turn to reviews before they determine whether they are going to make a purchase. It is in your best interest to encourage customers to leave positive reviews of your products.

One of the best ways to increase reviews is to simply ask your existing customers to do so. While JamGOra will be at the forefront of this initiative, it also essential for you, the merchant to encourage your customers to write positive product reviews. Customer reviews really can make or break your success when selling online

Optimize Product Details for Search

JamGOra has an increasing number of products which makes it a competitive marketplace for merchants. If you want customers to buy your products over others, you first have to ensure that they can find them.

JamGOra makes this possible by allowing buyers to continually drill down their initial search by different attributes. For example, a customer can search Jamaican Products > Jewellery > Women > Necklace. Or the customer can be very specific and search by product information such as “Spices made in Jamaica”. Either way, that customer can narrow the search for the item they are looking for.

In both cases, JamGOra uses your product information and details to match a customer’s search for your items. Therefore, it’s critical that you provide JamGOra with accurate product information and as much of it as you can.

This includes the product title, description, product identifiers, search terms, size, colour, etc. Do not skim on this type of information. It affects how customers find your products and help them know if what they are buying is right

Share your product links with your audience.

JamGOra has provided you with an access to a global platform that makes it easier for individuals to buy your products. However, if you do create awareness amongst your audience that your products are accessible online, then they will not know that they are there. JamGOra will promote and make known its platform to the public, but your products can get lost within the growing inventory.

It is to your advantage the more people that buy your products online, therefore it is also imperative that you create campaigns both online and offline to let your current and prospective customers know you are accessible through www.jamGOra.com. Customers can search for your products using your business name, e.g. ‘Media Moguls’, or you can share direct links to some of your products.

Take Professional Product Images

When buying online, it’s crucial that customers can physically see exactly what they are purchasing. To do that, you need professional pictures of the items you are selling. 

You will want to continually keep your images fresh and up to date. Having quality pictures makes you appear more professional, and trustworthy. Ensure that you post all your images on a plain white background, this allows more attention to be focused on the product.


Your product description is very important

Let’s face it, if you are not able to attract people to buy your products, you won’t be able to increase sales, no matter how much investment you make in advertising. Providing a proper description with all the specifications on your product catalogue is also an important input.

A well-written product description explains the benefits of the product and convinces the customer that they not only want the product but also need it. Your product description is the one you have to grab their attention to because it can easily attract them and make them place an order.

As your customers cannot physically touch and feel the products, your product description will be the answer to their queries like what fabric is it made from? user instructions or care instructions etc.
Ensure you have well-written product descriptions, especially if you create your own products otherwise, your potential customers will not buy.


Manage Inventory Proactively

As with selling anything online, you need to proactively manage your inventory. Nothing is worse than when you sell someone an item online that you do not physically have in the stock. Item availability is also important when competing in the online marketplace, as customers will find your business as reliable and accessible.

It’s important to stay on top of your inventory levels to avoid overselling and refunding your prospective customers because you do not have the supply they purchased.

Happy to help.

By following these six (6) tips you should start seeing results. Any questions or to become a merchant on JamGOra, please feel free to contact us via Online Chat or call (876) 776-9999.

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