FireWire DV Cable FOR MAC/PC

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FireWire DV Cable FOR MAC/PC
  • IEEE 1394 Fully compliant and compatible with proposal 1394A Supports IEEE 1394 transfer rates of 100/200/400 Mbits
  • Fully Firewire and i.LINK compatible Supports Plug and Play specification
  • Hot pluggable you don't have to turn off a scanner or CD drive to connect or disconnect it, and you don't need to restart your computer Double Shielded High Quality Cable
  • Digital interface - no need to convert digital data into analog and then digital again for processing, which will have a loss of data integrity. Small - thin serial cable will replace large and more expensive interfaces. Easy to use - no terminators, devices ID etc
  • Cheap - the high volume consumer market will achieve low-cost implementation. Daisy chain connection Supports Plug and Play specification. Mac and PC Compatible
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